四季折々の景色が楽しめます。seasonal natural scene from every room

無垢材の床と快適な設備。natural wooden floor & confortable facilities

和室を引き立てる建具。furniture for japanese style

お日さまが差し込むコミュニティルーム。community room of sunlight

お喋りがはずむカウンターキッチン counter kitchen with chatting

キッチン横のダイニング dinning beside kitchen

洗面台と浴室。 basin & bath

廊下と階段 corridor and stairs

南西の御庭 garden at southwest

Monthly Rent


We have 7 rental rooms, 1 community room, 1 office room. Every room has big windows or glass doors. You can enjoy the seasonal landscape. Every room has floor heating, closet, light and screen. Wireless LAN is free.

Room 101 8畳(12.96u) 68000円/月(yen/month) 北東の角部屋。小さな滝があるお庭付きです。the northeast room. facing small water fall.
Room 102 6畳(9.72u) 55000円/月(yen/month) 北西の角部屋。斜面にツツジのあるお庭付きです。the northwest room. with azalea garden.
Room 201 5.5畳(8.91u) 58000円/月(yen/month) 南東の角部屋。手に届くところに紅葉があります。the southeast room. a big maple tree near the window.
Room 202 6畳(9.72u) 58000円/月(yen/month) 南向きのお部屋。日当たり抜群です。the south room is full of sunshine.
Room 203 9畳(14.58u) 68000円/月(yen/month) 2名入居の場合は87000円/月(the case of two person, 87000yen/month) 南東の角部屋。紅葉と夕陽がきれいです。the southwest room. the sunset with maple tree.
Room 204 8畳(12.96u) 63000円/月(yen/month) 北西の角部屋。窓から柿の木が。the northwest room. the persimmon tree from window.
Room 205 9畳(14.58u) 65000円/月(yen/month) 2名入居の場合は83000円/月(the case of two person, 83000yen/month) 北東の角部屋。静かな光が差し込みます。the northeast room. with calm sunlight.


Management charge is 12000 yen/month (the case of two person, the management charge is twice). Security deposit is the room rent for one month.

Weekly Open House, Nov 2014 11/14,21,28 14:30-17:00

11/7 Temporary closed!

朱さんのデザートとお茶会, the dessert and tea party, 26th Nov 2014