Our Hospitality


This house is secluded in the hillside of Higashiyama, Kyoto, which provides you with a natural environment and fresh air. It takes 3 min to go to Incline of Biwako canal, 10 min to Nanzen-ji temple. Here it is so calm and you can truly appreciate the four seasons, that it must be difficult to believe that it takes only 7 min from subway to come here. Nothing is needed. Here, is what we have.





Simple Life


The simple life. How convenient and pleasant it is! Making firewood is to maintain the hillside environment, and of course my own health. The tableware, which has been used for generation,s lets me imagine the lives of my ancenstors, even if i could not meet them.

昔ながらの箒とちりとり Pretty broom and dustpan

昔からの器 Tableware for generations

Weekly Open House 企画中