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【朱さんのデザートとお茶会 〜台湾と日本の味覚のコラボレーション〜】

Sloth life Nakatsugawaに入居された朱さんは台北出身、大学卒業後、会社を辞めて、大阪の調理専門学校に製菓、製パン部門で留学。帰国後に台北でお店を構えておられます。今回の来日はパティシエとして修業のためです。 11月26日、朱さんがつくってくださるのは、台湾と日本の味覚からヒントを得た創作デザート。 そしてSloth life Nakatsugawaで扱うオーガニック・フェアトレードのカカオを使っていただく予定です。 20日ごろは、Sloth life Nakatsugawaの紅葉が一番きれいな季節です。美味しいスイーツをいただきながら紅葉狩りもできますね。 定員は10名。お申し込みはお早めに。

【the dessert and tea party -the collaboration of Taiwanese and Japanese flavor 】

one of the new resident in Sloth life Nakatsugawa is a Taiwanese patisserie, Chu. He graduated uni, worked for company then quite, came Osaka to learn sweets and bread. after studying abroad, he opened sweets shop in Taipei. this time, he came to Japan again, for skill up. in this event, he will cook some creative dessert, based on Taiwanese and Japanese flavor. in addition, he will use the organic and fair trade chocolate. the colored leaves will be so beautiful around the house. the number of participants is only 10. please book early.

Date: 11/26,2014 14:30~ Place: Sloth life Nakatsugawa (7 min, from keage station of kyoto city subway) Price: 850yen Number of participants: 10 Application: mail to nakatsugawa(at), (or have a contact from Facebook page)



We hold workshop of traditional wooden house repairing techniques, cooking of kyoto style, eco&organic events and so on. Please check our Facebook page.

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Weekly Opening house


Every friday 14:30-17:30, we hold Weekly Opening House (may be changed without notice). We have fairtrade coffee and English tea, non-chemical vegetables and so on. Let's enjoy tea time together.

Weekly Open House, Nov 2014 11/14,21,28 14:30-17:00

11/7 Temporary closed!

朱さんのデザートとお茶会, the dessert and tea party, 26th Nov 2014