Our Japanese traditional house in Higashiyama hillside, Kyoto, was built in modern period (Taisho era), and renovated from the summer in 2013 till the spring in 2014. During that process, while reusing and retoring a lot of the old furniture of natural timber, we had to abandon many of the mass-produced goods (plastic, chemical board and so on). It made us recognize that we can try living another life style, which is more close to nature and tradition. We want to enjoy an eco, slow and healthy life in this house. We will hold some events. Please visit us and have a nice time together.



From "Keage station" of Kyoto city subway, it takes 7min walk, toward Hyuga shrine.

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イベント情報を更新しました。11月26日にスイーツのイベントです。Sweets event of collaboration of Taiwan and Japan, on 26th, NovUP

Weekly Open House, Nov 2014 11/14,21,28 14:30-17:00

11/7 Temporary closed!

朱さんのデザートとお茶会, the dessert and tea party, 26th Nov 2014